Welcome to Eyebright Coaching



I’m Kath, owner of Eyebright Coaching. I’m very pleased you’re here.

Are you frustrated with some aspects of your life, troubled by a feeling that your potential is being wasted or that you’re spending too much of your time on somebody else’s dream? Maybe you want more (but more what you’re not quite sure).  Do you have change on your mind? Have you been looking at the turbo button and wondering what it would be like to actually press it?

Maybe you’re curious to find out more about coaching, either one to one or in a group, or you’re ready to begin coaching  and are checking out a few people to see if they sound like someone you’d like to work with.

Whatever motivated you to find my page, you got here by taking some action, and that is a great start. Please take a look around, get a feel for what my style of coaching is and don’t be shy to get in touch if you have questions or want to arrange an introductory session.

If you’re not looking for coaching but could do with a little lift maybe come to one of my small, friendly workshops. I offer a changing programme of events to help you address some aspect you’d like to improve, to give yourself some time and space to unwind and to have the chance to meet other people in a relaxed, inclusive environment. Head over to my events page to see what’s coming up soon and do send me suggestions for topics you’d like to learn more about.


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